Your best friend gave me his number. He wanted those meaningless provocative messages. He wanted my body. I thought, “Ya know, maybe you’d get jealous if I went through with this.” But he didn’t pressure me into it, it was totally my choice. I thought about how you would be mad at me for degrading myself, not jealous. I didn’t go through with it. Your friend totally understood and listened to my reason why. He knew I had a thing for you. But he doesn’t know I’m in love with you. I couldn’t tell him that secret. I guess what I’m trying to say is that no matter who I text or talk to, I’m always going to be wishing it was you. I’m always going to check for your messages. My stomach will always light up when your name appears on my screen. You know me. We share that rare emotional attachment. But I think for now I’m just gonna be the best friend, and I can live with that.